Alppilan vesitorni

Alppila Water Tower was built in 1937-1938. It has a diameter of 65 meters and the capacity is 16000 cubic meters. It is located in Linnanmaki amusement park.

Location : Helsinki


Halikon vesitorni

Halikko Water Tower was built in 1993-1994 by enlargening an older water tower, which was completed in 1970. The current tower has a height of more than 20 meters and the design was inspired by castles. It has a capacity of 1640 cubic meters. Halikko Water Tower is located on the top of Karavuori hill in Halikko, and it is a landmark of Halikko town. The tower is open for public on weekends during the summer months.

Location : Halikko


Haukkavuoren vesitorni

Haukkavuori Water Tower was completed in 1914 in Art Nouveau. It locates on the highest cliff of Kotkansaari. The tower was used as a water tower until 1960s, and has been used as a watchtower during the Second World War. It serves as an observation tower with a cafe at present.

Location : Kotka


Heinolan vesitorni

Heinola Water Tower was built in 1951-1952 and has a capacity of 600 cubic meters. There is a cafe on the top floor, and the other floors are used for exhibitions.

Location : Heinola


Kaarinan vesitorni

Kaarina Water Tower was completed in 1975 and has a capacity of 2500 cubic meters.

Location : Kaarina


Kauniaisten vesitorni

Kauniainen Water Tower was built in 1964. It has a capacity of 4750 cubic meters.

Location : Kauniainen
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