Elimaen vesitorni

The construction of Elimaki Water Tower was completed in 1957. It has a capacity of 380 cubic meters.

Location : Elimaki


Eurajoen vesitorni

Eurajoki Water Tower was built in 1985. It has a capacity of 900 cubic meters, and is 45 meters high. The tower has Foucault pendulum which demonstrates the rotation of the Earth.

Location : Eurajoki


Haukilahden vesitorni

Haukilahti Water Tower was built in 1968, and has a capacity of 4100 cubic meters. It is used as a restaurant Haikaranpesa at present, and the restaurant serves a Finnish-style buffet.

Location : Espoo


Karhulan vesitorni

Karhula Water Tower was built in 1960. It has a capacity of 2130 cubic meters.

Location : Kotka


Lauttasaaren vesitorni

Lauttasaari Water Tower was built in 1958. It has a capacity of 4500 cubic meters.

Location : Helsinki


Myllypuron vesitorni

Myllypuro Water Tower was built in 1965. It contains two separate water towers, and the total capasity is 13400 cubic meters. The bigger water tower has a capasity of 11000 cubic meters, and the smaller tower on the top of the other has a capasity of 2400.

Location : Helsinki


Roihuvuoren vesitorni (Vesirousku)

Roihuvuori Water Tower was built 1976-1978. It has a capacity of 12000 cubic meters. The tower is 52 meters high, and the widest diameter is 66,7 meters.

Location : Helsinki
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