Suomen Joutsen

Suomen Joutsen is a three-masted steel full-rigged ship, and was built in France in 1902. During the First World War, she has served as a cargo ship between Europe and the United States. In 1930, Finland purchased the ship to use as a training ship, and she was renamed as Suomen Joutsen (The Swan of Finland) in 1931. She serves as a museum at present.

Location : Turku


Keihassalmi ja Karjala

The Minelayer Keihassalmi was built in 1957 in Helsinki. She serves as a museum ship since 1994. The Gunboat Karjala was completed in 1968, and it is classified as a corvette. She serves as a museum ship since 2002.

Location : Turku



Pommern is a four-masted steel barque, and was launched in 1903 in Scotland. At that time, she was called Mneme for a Greek godess, but was renamed to Pommern afterwards. She has served as a cargo ship between Europe and South America, and serves as a museum ship in Mariehamn at present.

Location : Aland



Linden is a wooden schooner, and was built in 1991-1993 according to the design of the original Linden from 1920. She serves as a restaurant in Mariehamn.

Location : Aland



Albanus was built in the 1980s according to the drawings of the original Aland galeasse Albanus from 1904. She was launched in 1988, and is used for sailing cruises and sailing training mainly for young people. The homeport of Albanus is located in Mariehamn.

Location : Aland


Urho ja Sisu

The Icebreakers, Urho was completed in 1975, and Sisu was completed in 1976. They are owned by the Finnish Maritime Administration.

Location : Helsinki



Kathrina was built in 1947-1949 in Pernaja. She was originally a three-masted galeasse, but was converted into a schooner afterwards. Nowadays, Kathrina is mainly used for chartered cruises in summer time, and serves as a cafe and restaurant in winter time.

Location : Helsinki
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