The Sibelius Monument is a famous tourist attraction in Helsinki. The monument was designed by Eila Hiltunen, and unveiled in 1967.

Location : Helsinki



The memorial statue of Alexander II who was Czar of Russia and the Grand Duke of Finland was unveiled in 1894. It is located in Senate square.

Location : Helsinki


Hangon vapaudenpatsas

The Monument of Liberty was originally erected in 1921. It was removed by Soviet troops during the year 1940-1941 when Hanko was leased to USSR. It was restored in 1943, but demolished in 1946. The present statue dates from 1960.

Location : Hanko


J.V. Snellman

The memorial statue of J.V. Snellman was designed by Emil Wikstrom, and unveiled in 1923. It is located in front of the Bank of Finland.

Location : Helsinki


Animal sculptures in Helsinki

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