Finlandia Hall was designed by Alvar Aalto, and the main part was built in 1967-1971. The congress wing was added in 1973-1975. The seating capasity of the concert hall is 1700.

Location : Helsinki


Kaupungin talvipuutarha

Helsinki City Winter Garden was founded in 1893. The building can be used for private parties or meetings.

Location : Helsinki



Nasinneula was built in 1970-1971, and is 168 meters in height. It is the tallest observation tower in Scandinavia, and has a rotating restaurant. Nasinneula is located in Sarkanniemi.

Location : Tampere


Olympiastadionin torni

The Olympic Stadium Tower was completed in the architectural style of Functionalism in 1938, and is 72 meters high. It was designed by Yrjo Lindegren and Toivo Jantti who won the competition to design the stadium arena.

Location : Helsinki


Vanha Kauppahalli

Vanha Kauppahalli was designed by Gustaf Nystrom, and was completed in 1889. It serves as a market hall since then, and is the oldest in Finland.

Location : Helsinki



Tennispalatsi was built in 1938 as an indoor tennis centre. It serves as a movie theater at present.

Location : Helsinki
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