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Oitbackan kartano


The owners of Oitbacka Manor are known since 1824. The villa-style main building was built in 1866-1876. It has been reconstructed and enlarged in 1905.

Location : Kirkkonummi
Current status : Private



Oittaan kartano


The history of Oittaa Manor is known since 1540. The present main building was built in 1914 to replace an earlier building destroyed by fire. It was designed in a mix of styles, but mainly completed in the Empire style. The building stands on a hill, and is surrounded by a park from the same era. Nowadays, there is a cafe in the main building.

Location : Espoo
Current status :



Ollaksen kartano


The owners of Ollas Manor are known since 1551. The present villa-style main building was built in the 19th century, and was reconstructed in 1910. The manor has two avenues of birches and lime trees reaching to the main building.

Location : Siuntio
Current status : Private



Orrilan kartano


The owners of Orrila Manor are known since 1543. The present main building dates from the 1870s. The current appearance dates from the reconstruction in 1928, and has elements of Empire and villa style.

Location : Nastola
Current status : Private

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