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Jokioisten kartano

Location : Jokioinen

The history of Jokioinen Manor dates back to 1562, and the owners are known since 1602. The manor was founded in the 1610s. The present main building was built in 1794-1798, and is one of the oldest neoclassical buildings in Finland.



The granary dates from the 18th century, and is believed to be transferred from Humppila in around 1809-1810. The clock in the baroque-styled tower dates from 1811, and the bell is from 1687. The building is used for art exhibitions in summer time at present. The mansard roofed cowshed was built in 1799.



The main building is surrounded by large English-style garden, and the barn with tower dates from 1897. The State purchased the manor in 1918, and has been used by MTT Agrifood Research Finland Organization since 1928.

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