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Gumbolen kartano


Location : Espoo
Current status :

The history of Gumbole Manor is known since 1540. The present main building was built in the 1840s, and the interior was remodeled several times afterwards. The garden dates from 1914. There is a riding club and golf club in the area. The manor is located by the Gumbole river in Espoo, and owned by the city.



The stable by the manor house was built in around 1900. It was styled after the barn in Wiurila Manor.



Gundbyn kartano


Location : Kemio
Current status : Private

Gundby Manor was founded in 1614, and the owners are known since 1484. It was divided into Ostergard and Vastergard in 1681, but reunited in the 1770s.



The present main building was built in 1881 in the villa style to replace an earlier main building which was destroyed by fire in the same year. The current appearance with influences of the Empire style dates from 1938.

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