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Eerikinkartano (Eriksgard)

Location : Kirkkonummi
Current status :

The history of Eriksgard Manor dates back to medieval times, and the owners are known since the 1490s. It was known as Koski Manor until the end of the 19th century, and has been used as a farming school during the year 1924-1955. Eriksgard Manor is the oldest manor in Kirkkonummi, and owned by the town since 1920.



The present main building was built in 1859-1860 in the late Empire style.



Eriksnas gard

Location : Sipoo
Current status : Private

The owners of Eriksnas are known since 1586. It was formerly known as Gierknas which was destroyed in 1599. Eriksnas Manor was founded in around 1600.



The present main building was built in the late Gustavian style after 1810 when the earlier main building from the 18th century was destroyed by fire. It has been remodeled afterwards, and reconstructed in 1916.



The windmill dates from around 1730.



Erstan kartano

Location : Nastola

Ersta Manor was founded in the 1650s, and the owners are known since 1651. The present main building was built in the 1830s in the Empire style, and has been restored in 1892. The manor is used as an arts and activity center at present.

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