Tyrvaan vanha kirkko (Pyhan Olavin kirkko)

Construction of the Old Church of Tyrvaa began in around the middle of the 15th century, and was completed in 1510. It was dedicated to St. Olaf. After the construction of the new church in 1855, the old church was abandoned for a century. It was destroyed by arson in 1997, and has been restored by volunteers since then. The church was rededicated in 2003.

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Kristuksen taivaaseenastumisen kirkko (Tikkurilan ortodoksikirkko)

The Orthodox Church of Tikkurila, the Church of the Ascension was built in 1996-1997. It was designed by Arvo Sorsa. The icons are works of Juri Mitroshin, and the iconostasis is made of cherry wood. The church has a capacity of 100-200 people.

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Seutulan kappeli

Seutula Chapel was completed in 1925. It is the oldest church of the Vantaa parish, and a popular place for weddings.

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Vehmaan kirkko

Vehmaa Church was probably built in the beginning of the 14th century, and dedicated to St. Margaret. It has been remodeled in the 15th century. The present belfry dates from 1823.

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Vihdin kirkko (Kustaan kirkko)

Vihti Church was built in 1770-1772 in the Gustavian style, and is cruciform in shape. The church was severely damaged by lightning in 1818, and rebuilt by 1822 according to the design by C. Bassi. It was damaged by lightning again in 1846, and reconstructed by 1848. The current appearance emphasizing the trends of the 1920s is from the reconstruction in 1928-1929. The seating capacity of the church is 550.

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Pyhan Birgitan kirkon rauniot

The Church of St. Birgitta is supposed to be built in the end of the 15th century. The interior was decorated by mural paintings from 1670, and there was a wooden belfry from 1682. In the end of the 18th century, the church began to deteriorate, and it was sold in an auction in 1801. The materials were used for constructions of various buildings.

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