Urjalan kirkko

Urjala Chuch was built in 1806 in a cruciform shape with west tower. Initially, the church resembled the architectural style of neoclassicism, but it was enlarged and reconstructed in 1867-1869 with elements of neo-gothic style. Moreover, the tower was heightened. The altarpiece was painted in 1813 and the roof paintings date from 1924. The seating capacity of 1500 has been later reduced. The 35 meters spire has a lighted up cross from the mid-1970s. The old sacristy of Urjala is built of stone and appears to be of the 1520s to 1540s. It remains as a vestige of earlier churches in place.

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Uudenkaupungin uusi kirkko

The New Church of Uusikaupunki was built in 1858-1863, and was dedicated in 1864. It was designed by Theodor Chiewitz in the Neo-Gothic style, and is oblong in shape.

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Lokalahden kirkko

The present church of Lokalahti was built in 1763, and is oblong in shape. It was reconstructed in 1857 after the plan by Theodor Chiewitz. The belfry was built in 1728.

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