Vanha kirkko

The Old Church was built in 1824, and dedicated in 1825. It is cruciform in shape, and was designed by C. Bassi in the neoclassical style. It has been enlarged in 1847. The altarpiece was painted in 1831, and the pulpit is from 1841. The organ dates from 1852. The belfry was designed by Carl Engel, and built in 1828-1829. The church is popular for weddings, and the seating capacity is 310. The old church is mainly used by Tampere Lutheran Swedish parish.

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Tampereen Ortodoksinen kirkko

Tampere Orthodox Church was designed by T.U. Jazykov, and was built in 1896-1899. It is also known as St. Alexander Nevski and St. Nicolas Church. The church was severely damaged during the war in 1918. Tampere Orthodox Church is the purest example of a Neo-Byzantine-style church in Scandinavia.

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Finlaysonin kirkko

Finlayson Church was built in 1878-1879. It was designed by F.L. Calonius, and the appearance reminds English church with no tower. The organ was made in London in the 1850s. The church has been used as the Children's Cathedral during the last years. Since the changes for the Children's Cathedral, the seating capacity of the church was reduced from 325 to 280. Finlayson Church is the most popular wedding church in Tampere.

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Aleksanterin kirkko

Alexander Church was built in 1880-1881 mainly in the Neo-Gothic style, but it has also some other elements. It was severely damaged by fire during the reconstruction in 1937. The altarpiece was painted by Aleksandra Saltin in 1883.

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Viinikan kirkko

Viinikka Church was built in 1930-1932, and dedicated in 1932. It was completed in the Classicism of the 1920s with some elements of Functionalism. The interior is decorated in the style of the 1930s. The church has a big gilded wooden statue of the Christ.

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Kalevan kirkko

Kaleva Church was built in 1964-1966 in the contemporary style, and in the shape inspired by a fish which is an old Christian symbol. The church has 18 doors, and 18 windows. The seating capacity is 1120 of which 115 is for the chorus. The bell-tower on the roof is cruciform in shape, and it has 3 bells.

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Messukylan kirkko

Messukyla Church was completed in 1879. It was designed in the Neo-Gothic style by Carl Hoijer, and is oblong in shape. 430,000 bricks were used for the construction. The altarpiece is from 1888. The church has been restored several times.

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Messukylan vanha kirkko

Messukyla Old Church was built between 1510 and 1530, and was dedicated to St. Michael. It replaced an earlier wooden church from the 1430s. The interior is decorated with mural paintings from the 17th century. The current appearance is from the extension in 1796-1797. After the construction of the new church in 1879, the old church was abandoned, and used as a granary until 1907. Nowadays, the church is a popular place for weddings in summer time. Messukyla Old Church is the oldest building in Tampere.

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