Salon kirkko

Salo Church was completed in 1894 as a chapel. It was donated to the Salo Parish in 1926, and reconstructed according to the design of Ilmari Launis. The building was dedicated as a church in 1927, and the tower was added in 1933. The church has a capacity of approximately 200 people.

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Uskelan kirkko

The present Uskela Church was completed in 1832. It replaced a small chapel from approximately 1440. The church was designed by Carl Engel in the Empire style. The bell-tower has been added in 1860. The altarpiece was painted in 1849, and the organ is from 1832. The church stands on the top of a hill, and it has a capacity of 1000 people.

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Savonlinnan Tuomiokirkko

Savonlinna Cathedral was built in 1874-1878, and dedicated in 1879. It was designed by A. Dahlstrom. The church was severely damaged during the Second World War, and reconstructed in 1947-1948. The Baroque-style organ is from the renovation in 1990-1991. The church has a capacity of 1000 people.

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Sipoon kirkko

Sipoo Church was built in 1883-1885. It was designed Theodor Decker mainly in the Neo-Gothic style. The altarpiece is from 1892. The current organ from 1951 is the first Neo-Baroque-style organ in Finland. The church has a capacity of 800 people.

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Sipoon vanha kirkko (Pyhan Sigfridin kirkko)

One of the oldest medieval churches in Finland, the Church of St. Sigfrid was built in 1450-1454. The interior is decorated with wall paintings from the end of the 15th century, and the pulpit was donated in the middle of the 17th century. The floor and the seats were added recently. The seating capacity is 170, and the total capacity is 200 people. The belfry was built in 1811. The church is a popular wedding church in summer time.

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Ostersundomin kappeli

The original Ostersundom Chapel was built in the end of the 17th century. The chapel was severely damaged during the wars in 1713-1721 and 1742-1743, and was replaced with a new chapel in 1753-1754. The new chapel was restored and remodeled in 1895. The altarpiece was painted in 1934. The chapel has a capacity of 250 people. Ostersundom Chapel is one of the oldest actively used wooden churches in Finland.

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Sippolan kirkko

Sippola Church was built in 1878-1879. It was designed in the Neo-Gothic style by C.J. von Heideken, and is oblong in shape. It has been restored in 1903 and in 1927.

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Pyhan Pietarin kirkko

The Church of St. Peter was dedicated in 1460. The interior is decorated with murals painted al secco from the 16th century. The pulpit is from 1683, and the altarpiece was donated in 1773. The church has been reconstructed in 1823.

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