Pyhan Mikaelin kirkko (Pernajan kirkko)

Pernaja Church was probably built in the 1390s, and was dedicated to St. Michael. The church is oblong in shape, and has been reconstructed in 1937. The pulpit was donated in 1652, and the current organ is from 1971. The stained glass from 1939 is a work of Lennart Segerstrale. The belfry was built in 1853.

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Yliskylan kirkko

Yliskyla Church was built in 1753-1756. The appearance of the interior with barrel vault dates from 1764, and the stained glass dates from 1926. The church was originally painted with red, but was repainted with light gray in the end of the 19th century. It has been returned to the original color in the 1970s.

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Pyhan Marian kirkko (Pohjan kirkko)

The Church of St. Mary was built in 1470 to replace an earlier wooden church which was destroyed by fire. The wooden upper part of the belfry was built in 1827 in the architectural style of Classicism. The church has been reconstructed in 1864.

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Porvoon Ortodoksinen kirkko

Porvoo Orthodox Church was built in 1989, and is the most eastern church belonging to the Helsinki Orthodox parish. There is a large cemetery surrounding the church.

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Pukkilan kirkko

Pukkila Church was built in 1814 in a cruciform shape. The pulpit is from 1689, and it's one of the oldest and most beautiful Baroque-style pulpits in Finland. The altarpiece was painted in 1915.

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Pusulan kirkko

The present church of Pusula was built in 1838 in the Neo-Gothic style, and is oblong in shape. It was designed by Carl Engel, and was remodeled in 1859. The church has been restored several times in the 19th century, and in 1932. The belfry is supposed to be built in 1691.

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Pyhamaan uusi kirkko ja vanha kirkko

The New Church of Pyhamaa was built in 1800-1804, and is oblong in shape. The tower was remodeled in 1908, and the church was restored in the 1930s. The present altarpiece was painted in 1883, and the organ dates from 1877. The Old Church of Pyhamaa in the last photo was probably built between 1642 and 1652, and is one of the oldest wooden churches in Finland. The interior is decorated with plentiful murals painted by Christian Willbrandt in 1667, and the pulpit dates from the 17th century. The old church is also known as Uhrikirkko.

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