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Aino Ackten huvila


Location : Helsinki
Current status :
Villa Aino Ackte was completed in 1877. It was designed in the Neo-Renaissance style by Theodor Decker. It served as a summer house of a famous soprano Aino Ackte in 1904-1944. Currently, it is used for cultural events. Villa Aino Ackte is located in Tullisaari in Helsinki, and owned by the city.




Location : Helsinki
Kalliolinna was completed in 1840s and it was designed by E.B. Lohrman. The villa was enlarged in the 1860s by adding the semi-towers in one end of the building. Currently it is used as residential building.

Villa Kleineh was built in 1839 as the residence of the owner of Kaivohuone, Louis Kleineh. It was originally built in the Empire style, but has been enlarged, and the present appearance is from the remodeling in 1929. Villa Kleineh is the oldest remaining villa in the Kaivopuisto park.


Current status :
Villa Cygnaeus was designed by J. W. Mieritz, and was built in 1869. The building and the art collection were donated by Frederick Cygnaeus to the State. The villa was opened to the public as an art gallery in 1882, and is one of the oldest museums in Finland.

This villa was built in 1869, and the current appearance dates from the reconstruction in 1922.

This building was designed by Theodor Decker, and was built in 1883.


Kassan talo


Location : Lohja
The history of Kassa House dates back to the end of the 18th century. The current main building was completed in the Neo-Renaissance style probably in 1888. It is sometimes called as Virkkala Manor. It served as a hospital between the 1930s and 1968, and is currently used for cultural events and art exhibitions. The House of Kassa is located in Virkkala in Lohja, and owned by the town.
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