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Location : Hameenlinna
The history of Aulanko Park dates back to 1883 when Hugo Standertskjold bought Karlberg Manor. He had the area created to be an English-style park between 1883 and 1910. Most of the buildings were built in the beginning of the 20th century, and the trees in the park are mainly from the 1930s. Nowadays, Aulanko Park is a nature reserve.

The artificial castle ruins Rauniolinna is used as a summer theater.

The observation tower was built in 1907, and is 33 meters high. It serves as a cafe in summer time.

Onnentemppeli shown in the left photo is located near Rauniolinna. Ruusulaakso pavilion (photo on the right) was built in the Neo-Gothic style. It is located by a lake, and is the only existing pavilion in Aulanko park.
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